Mirror on the city

Mirrored city

It’s official – we’ve had the coldest October in 60 years!  No surprises there….

So today, with the sun shining and with the promise of rain later in the day I donned my walking shoes and took off for an invigorating walk around Frank Kitts Park and Oriental Bay. I wasn’t alone in my efforts either – it was like the main highway only  much much more enjoyable.

I hadn’t noticed this mirror before – it’s perched on a corner and reflects whoever passes by. It’s reason for being is of course for accident prevention. Trucks use the area for loading and unloading and I guess the mirror is primarily for them. However kids on bikes use the roadway, adults on bikes use the roadway, walkers use the roadway and runners use the roadway. Do we look up and check before we turn the corner ? Or do we just  ignore the mirror and plough on regardless?

A bit like life really – we have so many zebra crossings on the roadway….yet how often have I seen Mums with prams and young children at their sides, stride out across the road ignoring the crossing that may only be 50 metres further on.

This weekend there was a tragic road accident, killing two teens and injuring others. The young driver of the car had been drinking – admittedly less than the others in the car, but drinking no less. These young teens ignored the warning signs and got in the car regardless – there was a horrendous outcome. How very very sad – friends and family are grieving and lives have been ruined.

We’ve got to look around and see the small things that have been put there to help us. I’ve been just as guilty as anyone else – I’ve taken stupid risks, I’ve jay walked (probably with my kids too), and I’ve driven at times when I shouldn’t have. But I’m older now, and I really treasure life and fear some of the things I never used to think about. I feel the pain when tragedy happens, I cry over the news on the television, or over documentaries of life in war torn countries. I now find I can’t watch films where there’s too much blood and guts, or when young children are targets of violence.

I want to take my enjoyment in the small things – in the delights that life brings through family, friends and our beautiful environment.



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