Making do



Making do at the beach

What do you do when you want to play a game of beach soccer with your friends and the beach just isn’t set up for it? Simple, take off your boots and plonk then where you think goal posts should be. Then get on with the game. It’s a kiwi thing isn’t it – follows alongside the time honoured tradition of beach cricket.

The young people playing on the beach yesterday were having an absolute ball. There were shrieks of laughter, bodies falling in the sand, arms and legs everywhere….and maybe there was even a winning team.

We should spend more time making do. It’s just as much fun and costs a whole lot less.




One thought on “Making do

  1. Lynsey

    I’m not a big fan of sport.

    There, I’ve said it!

    I really like games without beginnings or endings where the rules get changed to accommodate the players, and where players in the stronger team defect to support the weaker team to make sure the challenge is equal for all.

    Our version of tennis was to make the shot so that the other person could get return it and the overall scheme was to keep the ball in action for the longest time – like Hacky Sack.

    We created a game called ‘nunga’ which you win acclaim not in ‘winning’ but by the crazed creative ostentatious over-the-top style in which you play.


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