Sounds of summer

numberplate resized

Tennis lover perchance?

While striding out this morning, the sound of the ball on cat gut greeted me. Yay, I thought – summer is definitely on the way. It’s one of those sounds that I associate with summer, along with the early morning chorus of  neighbourhood birds and lawn mowing. But there’s something about the sound of a tennis game that really gets to me – and funnily enough a few strides on this number plate caught my eye. That really made me laugh out loud – not LOL! I was never a star tennis player, but our childhood home had a tennis court and it was well used. One of  my brothers was a champion player – the sound was a daily occurrence.

So this is what happen to us – associations –  tastes (plonk cake and gefilte fish),  smells (chicken broth), and sounds (Chopin and tennis) evoke  certain memories. They take us back to the places or times when they took root – I like that. Most times when I’m out walking, I have my iPod with me, and I’m not hearing the surrounding sound. I remember talking to a friend about this – he regularly climbs the hills around Breaker Bay. He was mortified that I shut out the sounds of nature  while I walked. He’s fortunate in that his sounds are the sea, the wind, birds, distant dogs and the occasional ferry etc. Traffic is the dominant sound on my walks. I replied that I just love listening to music while I’m out walking especially if we’re preparing for a concert and I need to immerse myself in whatever it is we’re rehearsing.

But on this day, without my iPod I felt he was right. The sounds took me to a good place and made my day.


2 thoughts on “Sounds of summer

  1. msevelj

    I can’t believe how we grew up in such different worlds and yet we connect to the same (or similar) things. We were obviously destined to be friends.


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