Glass fragments

Glints of glass

New Supreme Court facade

Like many Wellingtonians, I’ve been watching with interest as our new Supreme Court takes shape and had decided that it’s pretty ugly. It makes me think of Auschwitz, of captivity  – I really can’t explain that. I must’ve seen a commemorative sculpture at some stage that has similar metalwork…and it reminds me.


But yesterday, a beautifully sunny day, I drove past and as I looked up I saw passing red glints. I momentarily thought I’d seen stained glass. Deciding that it was the effect of the bronze/coppery colour metalwork catching the sun, I decided it warranted further investigation. Those few brief seconds had made me feel a little differently about the ugly metalwork.

So today, I walked past and even though today was a dull overcast day, I saw the red glints again. And there you have it, fragments of beauty among the tortured metal. I think there must be a message in there somewhere.


One thought on “Glass fragments

  1. Lynsey

    I just don’t get the ugly facade at all, and although I hadn’t made the jump to Auschwitz I’m with you. Tortured metal is absolutely the best description ever. I love the classic old building at the other end, and the new work is so horrid – it makes me feel sad. Taken in its total the combined buildings – the view from the old wooden Government buildings – it suggests to me of a lovely old lady who’s returned from bathroom having accidentally tucked in the end of the toilet roll and it’s streaming out behind her – and even though every one loves her we’re all too embarrassed to tell her.

    * wince *


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