Sadness and hope


Looking out from the jetty at Sinalei, Samoa

I was looking through my photos taken in July when briefly in Samoa. I’m doing an short article on the tsunami appeal for a magazine at work, and thought that one of my photos of a fallen fangipani flower would work well with it.

Samoa was a photographer’s paradise – a photo at every glance. I particularly like this one taken from the jetty at Sinalei, one of the resorts destroyed in that fateful few minutes. I have an affinity with water – I love looking at it, I love swimming in it, I feel good just being in it, and of course I love eating the fruits of the sea at any opportunity. So when I looked again at this photo, my feeling was one of immense sadness. I doubt that the jetty survived.

On looking again, even though the jetty may have gone, I see hope as well. The spirit of the Samoan people has been an inspiration…we have much to learn from their strength in the face of such adversity.


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