Wrapper’s heaven

Christmas wrap

Christmas time is here again

If there’s one thing I really love about Christmas – food, presents, friends and holidays aside – it’s the new designs in Christmas frooff that appear every year. And I’m a stationery addict – I don’t have to buy, but I do have to look. And this year, there are so many new ideas in stationery. Gorgeous carry bags (as above), beautiful boxes in many different shapes, sizes and colours – and cards reminiscent of those we used to collect and put in albums when I was a child. Cards with cut out shapes, 3D shapes, glitter, embossing – just stunning! I’m far more interested selecting cards and wrap than I am in deciding on gifts. I could spend a fortune of the part of the present that gets discarded!

I think I’d better explain here, that I’m loathe to discard wrapping paper and cards. I  unwrap my gifts taking special care to not tear the paper, and then I fold it carefully, and store along with the cards – never again to see the light of the day! Go figure – I can’t! And then several years later I’ll find my stores of Xmas wrap…and wonder why on earth???

But gift bags such as the above – well they’re very very useful to pass on to other people. They’re also useful for carrying my sandwiches to work in! Nothing like swinging along Lambton Quay with one of these in hand…no-one would ever guess the nature of my precious cargo.

I’ll revisit these bags tomorrow – just to look, and also to pick up some fabulous 3D frog gift cards that I saw. They frog characters are a bit Peter Rabittish and they have sparkles on their clothing – nothing to do with Christmas of course. But they are really delightful, and I know just who I can give them to. And then if I see any pens or notebooks or other stationery items, I’ll probably get side-tracked. I can’t help myself.

I really should be thinking about appropriate gifts for all the family and friends, organising some sort of menu for the day, even making a Christmas cake, or a Christmas pudding….so much to do. But for the meanwhile, until the panic sets in, I’m quite happy to indulge my passion for paper.


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