cheeky bird in action

Blackbird takes advantage of an unattended meal

Our dog Toby is getting old. He’s not as fast or as attentive as he used to be. All a bird had to do was fly miles overhead, and he would bark incessantly. We’ve always joked that his Russian heritage is to blame (he’s Samoyed) and that all he was doing was protecting his airspace..

Nowdays his meal, which I prepare (!!!) for him around 7.00am each day, is often ignored. It’s not uncommon for his bowl to still be full when I return from work in the early evening. And this has obviously not gone unnoticed in the avian community. For a while there I would wonder why the pellets of Eukanuba would be scattered over the ground. Then with the tap tap against the metal bowl one Saturday morning, I realised why.


And here’s the thing! Toby rarely notices. While the pellets pose quite a mouthful for the local birds, I’ve found they really prefer the dried meat combos that I buy for Toby – the venison and fish bites to be precise. And then they help themselves to a drink of water. Well, why wouldn’t you? It’s all laid on.

It’s great to see that it’s not going to waste, but I do wonder how digestible dog food is for birds. If you hear any birds barking overhead you’ll know where they’ve been.


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