Is this news?


Headline on day after historic All Whites win

I was fairly horrified seeing this headline when out this morning – the day after an historic All Whites victory. A victory that gives the team a ticket to the 2010 World Cup. I would have expected “All Whites win place at World Cup” or similar. The morning after a crowd of over 35,000 fans supported the match at the Westpac Stadium. The day after Wellington was alive with football enthusiasts of all ages. Heavens above, even in the severe chill of the night, a couple of thousand of them took their shirts off for the final ten minutes of the game. And yet – this is the Sunday News’ choice of byline to sell their paper.

A non-story. The same story of many many young men finding their adult feet and testing (in this case) their bulletproof-ness (is that a word?). It’s a story about how he loved chasing the girls (in his case, not chasing because his celebrity and good looks were enough for girls to throw themselves at him), and it’s a story of how he smoked the odd joint. Yawn, yawn … And he’s now a father of teenage children, so what possible relevance does this story have except that he was once New Zealand’s star football player?

Shame on you Sunday News!


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