Image to emotion


Looking toward Civic Square from City to Sea Bridge, Wellington




I love this photo. I took it recently during a break from our choir rehearsals at the Wellington Town Hall. It was a truly stunning Wellington day. A clear beautiful azure blue sky, warm and still, and I remember standing on the bridge with my camera feeling absolutely ecstatic. I felt at total piece with the world – enjoying a morning of music-making with my friends and being able to step outside and soak up the love I have for our city. I doubt that I was alone in my pleasure…there were many people out there that Saturday, and they were all smiling.

There was even a group of young men with a ghetto blaster roaring and they were doing break dancing on the rubberised mat outside Capital E. One guy would do his body bending and twisting tricks, and as soon as he’d finish his sequence another would take over the mat. There was rhythmic movement of bodies, and happiness was in the air.

This photo is for me not merely an image. It evokes an emotion. It reminds me of warmth and love and of clarity. I love the Star of David symbol, and the arrow giving me direction to the sea. I love the circles – no beginning and no end, and the triangles. I love the quirkiness of the sculptures, their naivety, their rustic materials and the juxtaposition of them against the clear solid lines of the buildings. Then of course there’s the spectacular New Zealand sky as the backdrop. So so blue.

No-where else in the world is the sky so blue.


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