There are no problems – only solutions

Out of line

I’ve walked past this property for years – almost on a daily basis – and never noticed the fence’s lack of symmetry until yesterday.

Since then I’ve been thinking, well why didn’t he make the left side higher to match the right, and have a taller gate. Would that work? Where would the hinges go, and where would you put the latch?

I suspect the owner of this property agonised over the best solution to the fact of the lawn level being higher than that of the path. And he probably thought excavation at one stage. But that would have been so expensive.

So this was his/her solution. And its not a bad one as you can see. The break in line failed to catch my attention for years…I perceived an even line. When you take a close look at it,  it’s quirky and it appeals. All a matter of perception really – and a solution!!!


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