Ice time

Everyday has some magic –  it appears when we least expect it. Today I made an unscheduled stop at a place called the Woolstore on Thorndon Quay. As I approached the building people were gathering on the pavement. On this cold and blustery day, a man had stationed himself outside the building with a hammer and pick and was busy creating sculptures out of large blocks of ice. A turtle, a couple of brick blocks, and a face clown face with crown with pointed spikes. I’ve seen some really impressive ice-sculptures in the past, but not on the footpath of a semi-industrial street in such grim conditions.

Out came the camera…had to get a shot of this, and as I did so a photographer I know raised his head and said ,”Hi Ros, I’m just trying out my new camera. Do you want to see?”  His camera wasn’t much bigger than my purse-sized one, so my curiosity was piqued.

He took a few seconds scrolling back to find an image to show. And then held it up for me to see. Three-dimensional! Like looking at those hologram-type picture books we had as children where the images moved as you altered the angle of the page. Magic! The image of a person standing in front of a shop window looked as if he was about to move out of the screen.

Then he laughed, “problem is that there is not yet the right technology to download onto my desktop or print the images. That’s about 18 months away!” The images have to stay stored on his camera until such time that technology catches up. Such a shame.


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