Behind closed doors

I recently went to see the movie ‘An Education’. It’s a wonderful movie and I really loved it. It has all the themes that capture my soul – love, music, beauty and a touch of sadness. I was thoroughly engaged with the beautiful Hepburn-like (at times) Jenny and captivated by the story. It revolves around an intelligent and talented 16-year-old girl who in her last year of school becomes involved with an older man. A man who promises her everything, who shows her a life far removed from her very restricted home environment and initiates her in the ways of love. (The title works on several different levels!) As the plot develops she has to choose between reading English at Oxford University or taking off for a life of excitement and travel with her man. I’ll say no more.

We were sitting in the Penthouse Theatre in Brooklyn, early on a Saturday evening. The theatre was a long way off being full and most of the punters were either sipping a glass of wine or licking their choc-dipped ice-creams. Just alongside us in the central row was an older man – a proper gent with tweed jacket, dark khaki trousers and shiny brogues. His companion was a tall, slim, coiffed and supremely elegant woman – the epitome of elegance really, especially for a Saturday. I instantly recognised her as my ex-teacher and ex-headmistress from a number of years ago. As young schoolgirls we adored her; we thought her so much older and wiser than she actually was, and admired her sense of style. She was looking remarkably young and particularly lovely!

But as I walked past her after the credits had rolled and the only sound were hushed voices, I really felt like bursting out and saying to her, “Worse happened on your watch, you know!”

I wonder what her reaction would have been.


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