Great to be a swimmer

I couldn't agree more

‘Hear hear’ I thought as I sat behind this car in the traffic on my way home today. And it’s been nearly a month since I had my weekly quota of three swims per week – four on good weeks! And I am seriously missing my time in the pool…it’s my time, and like the time I spend walking the dog, I spend it thinking. What else is there to do when you’re going up and down the lanes ad infinitum? Well, it’s not really ad infinitum – I usually swim about 2.5kms, so there is an end to it. And it makes me feel so so good.

Unlike my time with Toby, this activity is ‘on my own’. I don’t have to wait while he sniffs at the lamp posts or pulls me toward some delicious odour in a shrub. It’s bliss – up and down, up and down.

I enjoy it most when I have the pool to myself, when the water glistens in the sunlight and I can take the centre of the lane and get a good rhythm going. I love having a lane to myself, breaking the calm clear water in front of me, and not having to make way for other swimmers especially when those swimmers are males who have a greater wing span. (In truth most people have a greater wing span than me!)

I get really really annoyed when lazy swimmers wear flippers. In my book, that’s cheating! I asked once why the need for flippers? Is there some benefit that I haven’t heard about? But no, it’s just flotation and speed. Hummmph!!!

The only problem I have with swimming is a vanity one. I get goggle marks, really bad goggle marks – they circle my eyes, make huge indents under my eyebrows staying that way for hours and hours. I look like the cartoon character Mr Magoo – bug-eyed and ridiculous! It is for this reason, and this reason alone I  go swimming only after work when family are sole witnesses to Magoo.

But then, the owner of the car could be a fertility specialist???


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