Beauty is in the eye

I have a friend who is one of the most beautiful people I know – in fact one of the most beautiful people anyone will ever know. A posting, Body beautiful  on her site Fresh New Day today upset me. It upset me because the thoughts she expressed  were about a dissatisfaction with her physical self and comparing herself to the many unrealistic ideals that confront us daily.

She obviously doesn’t see herself as those her know her do. She has the warmest of hugs, the most infectious laughter, empathy beyond measure and so so much love to give absolutely everyone. Even when life has many times dealt her out the roughest possible hand – she has been able to give of herself. She has been the best possible role model for her children and they have all inherited her very special qualities.  They are the same caring, loving, honest, loyal, creative and wonderful young people as their mother. Family and friends are the bread of life for them – I don’t say that lightly.

We come in so many different packages. When I look at a person I’m not looking at their wrapping. Everything is in the eyes – the keys to our soul, the barometers. My friend’s eyes make me feel heartened because when I see her looking at her husband, her kids,her family and her friends, they light up, they radiate and cast a glow around her.  They are so beautiful. She has a gift – she has the power to enrich.

Without people like my friend the world would be a poorer place. When we are gone, it’s not our shells that people remember. My friend has unwittingly had a profound effect on all those who have come within her radar – I’ve seen it. People gather toward her…one look at the vast list of her friends on Facebook is enough indication of how much everyone loves her.

These are the things that matter.


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