The joy of sunglasses

What's behind the lens?

Sunglasses!  Today sunglasses were an absolute necessity as the sun shone high and everyone took to the streets.

But two days ago, when I took this photo, the day was dull and overcast. The wind was gusting, it just wasn’t that pleasant. As I walked up from a meeting in Courtney Place, I passed a number of people wearing sunglasses. It didn’t strike me as the sort of day you needed them – yet, there they were. I even saw one pair perched on top of a baseball cap worn by a guy sitting inside a cafe.

I was pretty pleased today that the sun was still out following my early evening swim because my sunglasses are great for hiding the goggle marks. Instead of walking to my car looking pretty gross with wet hair, no make-up and huge indents on my face, I went looking vaguely Jacki-O’ish (yeah right!!!). Sunglasses are so useful for hiding imperfections aren’t they?

Maybe that’s why people wear them when there’s no need, apart from looking cool of course!


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