Footprints in the sand


Big shoes to fill

I attended a memorial service today. It was to commemorate the life of a man who had had a profound impact on many whose lives he had touched in some way. With me, it was through work. His death was unexpected – he had not been ill; it came at a time in his life when he finally had time to ‘smell the roses’.

He was a man with a huge amount of mana. He was calm and gentle with a ready smile and a powerful presence.

His wife (I hate the word widow) told that in the last month, while living in the Cook Islands, they had arrived at a peaceful stage in their lives. They were able to look into each other’s eyes and take the time to share how much they meant to each other. They were able to look at their surroundings, at the house they were living in and the garden, and really appreciate its beauty. They also gave thanks for what had brought them there – a life of hard work and sacrifice on many levels.

On the day he died, as he was leaving for a game of golf – they exchanged the words “I love you very much.”

Her message to all of us was ‘Don’t leave it too late’. Tell people how much you love them, tell them how they enrich your lives, tell them what they mean to you. Tell them daily.

His footprints in the sand are huge….




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