Guardian angel

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Several months ago I watched clip on the TV News about the conference of Angel enthusiasts. People, largely female, who have a firm belief that angels watch over their lives and can be called upon for help at any time. The spokesperson for the group said that all you needed to do was ask (aloud) for angels to help you and they would oblige.

Finding parking spaces was mentioned…the sceptical reporter decided to try it out, and summonsed the angels help while she tried to find a park on a very busy Courtenay Place. Sure enough, there it was – a space appeared just after she posed the question.

Now, I don’t like to dismiss theories without giving them a go first. So a few days later I needed to find a parking space in the middle of town. Feeling a bit self-conscious and totally ga-ga (but you can forgive eccentricities in women over 50 can’t you?) I requested assistance. And sure enough – there it was. A parking space perfectly located with plenty of room for me to negotiate entry! Thank you angels … wow, this really works.

Today I decided to go out for a muffin (Pravda makes the BEST) and a take-away coffee from Kyriani. They don’t do that so well…so I put some coins and a $5 note in my pocket. I planned to get the muffin first and headed off out crossing several streets on what was a bitterly cold and breezy morning.

Got to Pravda and put my hand in my pocket, and realised that the $5 had gone west! Oh well, looks like I’ll have to have a cup of tea at work and forgo the coffee (not the muffin).  Muffins were all gone, so bought a date scone instead. I struggled as I always do opening the very heavy Pravda door and decided to retrace my steps. Next bright idea was to summon (out loud) help from the angels (getting more ga-ga by the day) “Angels, please help me find my $5 note.”

Maybe a lot of people talk to themselves? Lynsey on Fresh New Day has some ideas about that!

Then, as I stepped up onto the footpath on Hunter Street I saw, lying in a manky watery gutter, my $5 note. Thank you angels!!! So I leaned over and put my fingers into the disgusting water and retrieved the note – thank g-d they’re waterproof these days. I gave it flick or two to shake off the dirty water…proceeded on my way, a smile on my face and a message in my heart.

Thank you angels…

What do you think?


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