Hats off to the techies!

Keeping in touch with the world

We have come to rely so much upon and take for granted our connections through cyberspace.

This morning our internet connection failed.

‘You are not connected to the server.’

Damn, damn, damn. So I turned off the MAC, unplugged the cords – as you do with all electronic devices – and made mental note to try again later.

Later came and I tried again.

‘You are not connected to the server.’

So I looked at all the connections, checked that all the lights were green, turned off, unplugged the plugs, replugged the plugs, turned on and repeated.

‘You are not connected to the server.’

“Damn” escalated – know what I mean?

So finally late afternoon arrived and the necessary BIG window of opportunity to ring the Broadband Helpdesk. I guessed The Philippines this time. I hate ringing the Helpdesk…I’m such a wally when it comes to computer terminology – I need things explained really slowly and really simply. Start talking modem and you’ve lost me already.

For me, these calls can last as long as one and a half hours. Nothing is ever simple.

This call, as with others I’ve made was long and torturous – with a lot of  “Could you please repeat that” from my end. To her credit, the lovely operator Daisy was patient and understanding. She stayed on task…

We had a lot of confusion between nought, zero, o and 0. Is ‘four – o’ forty or four o’s? Never a cross word passed her lips.

The remedy, when it came, was simple – “So you’re on a wireless connection?”

As soon as I selected the line with the name of my wireless network – voila! The green light….

Service desk operators are superb…as always, profuse thanks from my end.


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