Singing for joy

Children from Miramar South School busking on Lambton Quay

“If music be the food of love – play on”

In the month leading up to Christmas Lambton Quay comes alive with music. Throughout the day, with our windows wide open we are treated not only to the joyful sounds of Christmas carols, but all sorts of other music as well.

The performers vary in age from the around seven (big earners) to a much much older gent with an accordian (and a melodica) who’s sounds are not quite so welcome! Music students are very common, some even have pre-recorded accompaniments…it’s big business.

One friend of mine who’s daughter, a talented soprano, has taken her voice to the streets, told me that her daughter earned more in an hour than she does. An impressive feat considering the mother’s occupation!

I just love it, and I wish the practice of busking went on all year round. Such a great way to fund raise as well – it doesn’t cost anything (except maybe the bas fare) and it gives so much. The children in this photograph were having a ball…quite a crowd had gathered to listen and the kids were giving it everything. They danced with energy and their faces showed the pleasure of performance.

Singing is such a joyful art. At least it is when you’re doing it. Recently I attended a workshop conducted by Margaret Medlyn, she told of the adrenalin high you get when singing for any length of time. This is because of the unnaturally large amount of oxygen you need to take in while performing. The result is a state of euphoria … I always feel that I want to repeat the performance, no matter how many hours we might have been singing for. I never realised this was a chemical reaction!

I could just go on and on and on and on and on…

But the simpler explanation the sheer pleasure you get in expressing from deep within yourself and being in tune with others. When you hear the different harmonies surrounding, the wonderful feeling of 80-odd people singing ever so softly, or better still the grand fortissimo’s. It’s such a buzz.


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