A tree fit for tui

Surprise visitor - a tui

Yep – you’ve got it! I’m all excited about a tui coming to play in our back yard.

The only huge regret I had when moving to the house we now live in, was the lack of trees.

I’d always been surrounded by trees and took for granted the welcoming bird calls no matter what the time of day and knew that I would miss the music. I really missed the sounds…somehow cars and lawnmowers are no substitute.

But this year our one tree, a rata, has been discovered. I thought I must have been hearing things when the unmistakable song of the tui greeted me the other day. I raced outside…and there perched on the top layer of foliage was a tui – feeding on the remants of a rata flower – his/her feathers and white ‘cravat’ glimmering in the sunlight. I can’t begin to tell you just how excited I was – pathetic really.

Sadly the tree is past it’s best – a month or so ago, it was resplendent in crimson glory. Now there are only a few flowers left and a lot of grey-brown pods. I guess once the flowers are  gone – the tui will have no further need to come and feed.

In the meanwhile I’m very thankful to the foresight of  the many dedicated bird enthusiasts who worked with unbridled  passion to get Zealandia up and running – without them we wouldn’t have such an abundance of tuis in the outskirts of the city.


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