It’s all in the attitude

Friends at MoMA, New York

Take a look at the lady in the sunglasses.

When I’m in my eighties, I want to be like her. Take a closer look…from the top down.

Elegant large-brimmed hat shading her face and covering her hair, beautiful big sunglasses, generous application of rouge (as she probably calls it), classy earrings, peek-a-boo chemise, big blousey flower on her lapel, matching nail polish and handbag, and stylishly dressed. She cares…

I spotted her in the courtyard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York – we’d spent several hours taking in all the spectacular exhibits there and needed to take a break in the sun- and just had to take a picture. She made such an impression on me and I was so fortunate that neither of my subjects noticed me crouching across from them.

I decided, fairly instantly, that my lady on the right was likely to be jewish and probably european. No particular reason except that she reminds me of the style and class I associate with many of my father’s european friends – such a different attitude from the New Zealanders of that same generation. The lady on the left I’m not at all sure about – she doesn’t have quite the same class, but her hat and abundance of jewels show a bit of spirit. If I could have got closer without making a total idiot of myself I would have – just to listen to the accent.

Months later when reading the book Lost, by New York journalist Daniel Mendlessohn I became convinced that an elderly New York woman he described in his story was her. I was very tempted to send him this photograph and ask. But no, better to hold the thought.

It’s all in the attitude – chutzpah – and I hope that in X-ty years time, my friends and I will have it in truckloads. Go girls!!!!


One thought on “It’s all in the attitude

  1. Jax

    I LOVE this photo. I have no doubt that you will look as fabulous as this woman and fantastic at x-ty. Like you say it’s all in the attitude and you have both that and style in spades!


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