What is it about Christmas?

In the Christmas spirit

Now, let’s get this straight from the start – I’m NOT a Christmas grinch.

I love the happiness and sense of fun that Christmas brings. I love the relaxed attitude that pervades the workplace, I love the smiling faces everywhere I go, and I love the generous spirit people have at this time of year. By generous I don’t mean generous in the financial sense – I mean generous in the amount of time they stop to chat, the questions asked about family and the well wishing that goes on. There’s a bouyancy in the air.

But Christmas tat baffles me. I know it’s an American thing and I appreciate that families who go in for the ‘tat’ adorning their homes, do so with great passion probably doing it for their children, the neighbourhood children and the children within!

You have to be very committed to undertake exterior decorating, especially in Wellington where there is so much wind force to contend with when stringing up lights and attaching trees, sleds, boots and bums. I suspect the males of the household spend considerable time in their man sheds planning, cutting, sawing, painting and adding the finishing touches (light bulbs) to their creations. I’m impressed!

Why only at Christmas?

But I think we should keep the same spirit throughout the year…lighten up a bit, give some joy and share goodwill. We should be prepared to let loose the child within more often not just when we think it’s safe and have a ‘safe’ reason for doing so.


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