Will the real Father Christmas please stand up?

How could they!

Father Christmas is supposed to be a jolly gent. Full of good will toward fellow man and a genuine lover of children. He rides over roof tops on his sleigh and delivers presents to all children, even those who haven’t been that good. He has a band of elves who do his bidding and make sure that his sack is filled to the brim with beautiful gifts. His eight reindeer, plus Rudolph, carry him throughout the world in every kind on weather making sure the presents are delivered – on time. He’s a good guy.

Sadly though, we see him everywhere – or at least imitations of him everywhere. It must be very confusing for kids these days trying to navigate their way through the plethora of  Santas. Just which one is for real – if any at all?

For the child’s eye view, check out Hand in Glove and read about the dilemna facing parents.

I presume the mask above originates from one of the Asian countries – most probably China. It is so gross – the eyes are seriously evil and don’t look at all like the kind and generous Santa he should be. (Please note that the glasses perched on this Santa’s nose soften his appearance.) Don’t know whether this is a $2 shop version (which might explain it) – but why on earth couldn’t the makers put a bit more effort into creating a friendlier face. Just a thought…..


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