Father Christmas as he should be

This is more like it

If you don’t know where I’m coming from, then perhaps you should have a look at yesterday’s posting. The one featuring a particularly out-of-sorts looking Father Christmas – albeit only a mask!

This fella looks much more agreeable. Ok, his cheeks are a little pink – he may have had a tipple or two during the sleigh ride – but he looks very much the  friendly ‘ho, ho, ho’ sort of character. I quite like him.

He’s made from sequins and felt and had his origins in the United States…he came to New Zealand in a kitset and was stitched into ‘life’ by my mother. My children were lucky enough to grow up with his lovely face gracing our wall, and he’s always one of the first decorations to go up at the start of the festive season.

He has a pocket in his beard which is designed to store cards – these days, he doesn’t really have to carry so many. We don’t get the number of cards we once did … perhaps this is because of the increased frequency of emails and texts, the cost of cards and postage, maybe everyone’s too busy, or worse still – maybe we’ve lost our mojo? (sob, sob)

This Santa, a number of similar Christmas stockings, and many favourite nursery rhyme characters form a collection of decorations lovingly stitched by my mum in anticipation of grandchildren. Sadly she didn’t get to enjoy the pleasure they’ve had from them over the years; they are indeed a precious legacy.


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