You can’t beat Wellington

Traffic controller

Us Wellingtonians – born and bred ones that is – are a forgiving lot. We forgive inclement weather (I think) and we forgive being inconvenienced (I think).

Twice in three days we’ve happily accepted road closures, all in the spirit of celebration. And twice in three days we’ve been blessed with magic weather for them. I know it’s officially summer and this small blessing should be accepted as the norm at this time of year. But the truth is that Wellington’s weather over summer hasn’t been perfect since 1987!

How do I remember such trivia? No idea – but I do remember that summer as being the one that the rest of the country envied. Ask a male how it is that he remembers who passed the ball to who, at the far corner of the 100 metre field back in ’62 and he’ll not be able to tell you. He just does … just as I recall the last good summer. I’ve digressed.

On Monday, Wellington was host to the New Zealand premiere of Peter Jackson’s latest movie, The Lovely Bones. There was a definite hum in the air, branded cars were parked outside the Intercontinental Hotel, the sun shone, visitors drank leisurely coffees in the local cafes, and Susan Sarandon got so carried away with the whole summer thing that she attended the filming in full commando! I doubt that even hardy Wellingtonians would go quite that far – half commando maybe – but full AND bare feet? And at 63 yrs old – I’m impressed. The woman has a lot more metal than I…and bottle too if we believe everything we read.

The papers even reported that she had goosebumps. We needed to know that didn’t we!

Today, another gorgeous day of course, Wellington hosted the twice-yearly parade for Victoria University graduates. We showed our usual tolerance, even allowing a middle-aged woman with requisite day-glo yellow apparel, to hold-up and direct traffic on a very busy inner-city street. And look at the smiles everywhere – what you can’t see are the cameras (and phones) that formed extensions to most  peoples’ arms.

It was a great parade – a youthful looking pipe band lead the league of graduates (those pictured are academics) and as is custom, it ended in Civic Square where they performed their usual throwing of the trenchers.

I just happened to be striding out – as I do – and unwittingly got caught up in it all.

Tonight with the air still calm, Carols by Candlelight is in full swing down at Frank Kitts Park. For many many years it was our habit to go to the Carols with all the neighbourhood children, picnics in tow. It was such good clean fun. We were even able to take a bottle of wine with us – then. Those were the days…


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