Lighter side of challenge


At work we were challenged in a different way recently. The challenge was to show what our team contributes to the organisation using a 2ocm square piece of white card and whatever materials we liked. Around fifty identical cards were distributed to teams nationwide – with the same challenge. The intention is that when all cards are received they’ll be put together somehow to create a big picture of what we do.

After several discussions our team settled on a choral theme, with choristers keeping in time and hopefully in tune with each other under the baton of the conductor (of course). We didn’t know how on earth we were going to do it…but persevered with the idea. We didn’t have a lot of time but worked as a team in the truest sense on the word. For every problem of ‘how to’ we came up with a solution.

The task felt a bit like those faced by the contestants in the American version of The Apprentice – but please note we didn’t resort to bitching and back-stabbing, and the only reward offered us is personal satisfaction!

As you can see, we thought outside the square – we’ve made our representation 3D without breaching the size limitations.

We had an immense amount of fun with lots and lots of laughs, and are deservedly proud of our card. Not only does it exemplify what we do as a team at work, it also shows the depth of creative talent and camaraderie within the team.


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