Taken in!

Our night shelter - not!

I was looking at the photograph I took for ‘The joy of sunglasses’ post and wondering whether it was obvious that I’d taken a snap of a poster in one of the local shop windows. It reminded me of a story…

Now, I’m a fairly gullible person – very very trusting of most things people tell me, especially when coming from the mouths of those older and wiser.

Earlier on this year I went on a not very wild wilderness walk, (the Tora Walk), with a group of 12 other people. I only knew two of them at the outset. The weekend was  a step outside my comfort zone, but I embraced it and ended up having the most wonderful, laughter-filled weekend. The walk itself wasn’t that challenging so on that front I would’ve liked a bit more exersion – but my new friends were a bunch of delightful and entertaining people, who revelled in taking the mickey and were quick to recognise a target!

On the second day of the three-day walk, we had energy to spare and a couple of alternative walks in the area were recommended. One was along the coastline to the site of a old shipwreck. The round trip was around 16kms I think and a small group of us set off in high spirits chatting as went. We decided to turn back before reaching the wreck, being keen to have swim in Tora Bay before  the sun went down. We passed a few who’d set off after us and who were intending to walk the full distance. I expressed a little disappointment in not going the whole way to see the wreck and my reaction was noted.

Now let’s fast forward to the evening when we were having our meal and discussing events of the day. Wayne decided it was time to have a little fun. He drew me over to and asked me if I’d like to have a look at his photos of the wreck.

“Ros, it was just fantastic – so worth the walk. It’s such a shame you didn’t come with us.”

As he expected, I looked at his photos capturing the wreck high above the tideline in brilliant sunlight, and expressed the appropriate amount of photo-envy. (Photo envy is a bit like menu-envy – you know, when someone else has chosen a dish that you wish you’d chosen!).

My friends were clearly enjoying their victory…the hardy team that’d gone the distance and had struck gold!

Until I saw a tell-tale flash of light on the photograph – flash hitting plastic photo sleeve surface. They’d got me – hook, line and sinker! And boy, did they rub it in for the remainder of the trip.

The truth – there was nothing to see at the site of the wreck – total nada. They’d set me up – Wayne took a shot of the picture of the wreck from an information folder at the hut we were staying in. And then…along came little Miss Gullible just ripe for the picking.


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