The big picture

We are but a small part

In the ‘Lighter side of challenge’ (December 17), I briefly outlined a creative challenge we’d participated in recently at work.

Today a few of us had the task of hanging the 90 tiles to form the big picture. The ideas and their execution were amazing – so much creative genius. Most teams had really taken up the challenge and came up with some fabulous ideas. Perhaps the most impressive entry (aside from ours of course) is one in the form of a 3D drop-down book. It has a pull tab at the top left corner and as you slide the tab gently across the seven pages fall down – one by one – each with a pop-up feature on the page and text. It is bound with plastic coil. Perfectly done and so so clever!

As you can see, our contribution has impact. You might also note, that since my original photograph one of my colleagues has very carefully added red to the open mouths…it was bothering him, and he felt our figures needed the finishing touch. He’s right of course…

Throughout the course of this afternoon, as word got around, people took time out from their desks to go up and have a look at the montage. Everyone’s reactions were brilliant – it was such a good idea, and has resulted in a raised awareness of the size of the organisation and the commitment of staff.

Tomorrow it is officially unveiled during an end-of-year morning tea.

It was so much fun and welcome respite from the daily grind. But I somehow think that if you gave this same challenge to schoolchildren, our efforts would pale!


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