Shopping strategy

Intellectual vs commercial pursuits

“Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the town, every creature was shopping,
except for this clown….”

Absolute mayhem greeted me this morning as I strode purposefully down Lambton Quay. I hadn’t seen so many people on the streets all week…there was a massive cruise ship docked down near the stadium which  I suspect had disgorged a significant number of older shoppers carrying cameras and dressed in identical lime green sleeveless jackets.

Can you guess what the guy seated on the bench was doing as he sat amid the chaos? My guess is that he’d been told to wait while his family shopped, and he had gone to town prepared. Not content to spend time watching the passing parade of shoppers and sightseers off the massive cruise ship, he was instead working on the daily Sudoku puzzle from the Dom Post.

You can just hear him can’t you “Honey, just go and do what you have to do. I’m quite happy, take as long as you like. If I finish the Sudoku, there’s the crossword, the wordfind and I can always have a go at the five minute quiz…”

Well why not – better than being grumpy or grinchy!

On a contrasting note, earlier in the day while out with Toby, the spirit of Christmas was evident in every passerby. Without exception, each person I passed smiled and said hello. Relaxed, happy – on holiday.

Long live the Christmas spirit – minus the shopping it’d be perfect wouldn’t it.


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