Christmas aftermath

The last piece of cake - and no takers!

I’d love to know why Christmas is the one day in the year when sheer gluttony is encouraged – followed by the same on Boxing Day!

My efforts to reduce the quantity on offer this year were not successful. I thought I had it all worked out, and then extra unexpected delights turned up – crayfish and paua. One doesn’t want to appear ungrateful when such treats arrive, but the reality is that after  our guests had gorged on these delicacies plus those I’d planned, their appetites for salmon, turkey and ham were dulled.

The fridge is now left groaning with leftovers so that getting a tub of Olivio from it is a logistical nightmare. You have to shuffle the tubs and plates and bottles and jugs around, takes things out, replace them with bits from the lower shelves, meanwhile hoping that you don’t miss anything. It has been in my experience to find a leftover after more weeks than I care to mention.

I rely on the fridge munchers (the fressers – that’s yiddish) to get on with their business, meanwhile thinking of creative ways of using the remains. This year, more so than any others I feel as if I’m pushing food on to people in my efforts to clear the fridge! Waste is to be discouraged – I hate seeing food wasted, especially when so many millions of people are starving.

It’s been a wonderful two days, lots of family, friends and laughter. Lots of love and lots of hugs, lots of stories and lots of sharing…all the things that are so special about Christmas.


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