On the road

Interesting way to advertise?

It’s a while since we’ve been on the road for a long trip – made even longer by traffic delays. And there were a lot of new things to see. New sections of road, new types of campervans (as above) and new advertising language.

To name a few:

Dial ‘0800 SEAWEED’ (for agri-products)

Dial ‘0800 HEIFFER’ (for vet care)

Dial ‘0800 4 FLOATS’

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a total wally when it comes to converting letters to numbers. I just can’t work it out and would much prefer being given a number – forget the clever acronyms or whatever these are now called.

And while driving through Bulls (questionnable name don’t you think?) a sign on one of the local community halls said:
‘BULLS  Be-friend-a-bul’

Also in the Rangtikei district it was suggested we buy ‘Peach Teats’ – this is not a new one but it’s always caught my eye as it sounds so risque.

What do you think you would buy in a shop named ‘Wee crafty pea’? Open to suggestion there….

I saw several signs picturing family adventures in rural New Zealand, with the the byline ‘www.movetothecountry.co.nz‘. Might be worth a peek.

Finally, ‘Tree Truck Gorge Road’. I’m glad I don’t live there – it sounds like the remnant of a storm.

Before we’d even finished our trip, which should have taken around 41/2 hours, I calculated that in the same time it was taking we could have flown to Brisbane, driven the 1 1/2 hours to Noosa, and could have already been lounging on the beach. Sigh….

I said to the driver at one point, “I’m glad you’re going so fast, because crashing at this speed is certain death.  I certainly wouldn’t want to survive the impact.” He pointed out the number of airbags…I’m not convinced.


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