Taupo has caught up

Finally - decent coffee and yummy food!

Taupo has in the past, been one of those places you forgive for it’s lack of big city sophistication. After all, it has the most gorgeous lake (a photo tomorrow perhaps), the stunning backdrop of Mts Ruapehu and Tongariro, and an abundance of hot pools and beautiful walks.

Imagine our delight this morning when we discovered a deli – Salute Delicatessen, Horomatangi Street – that would make most city-dwellers drool! The smell of food and coffee beckoned us in. The cabinet food looked totally delicious but because we’d just had late breakfast in another cafe, we weren’t up for further indulgence. A separate cheese room was situated at the far end, and the shelves were generously stocked with a wide variety of dried, tinned, bottled and baked goodies. As I was ordering our coffees – sheltering from the rain you understand – the woman in front of me suggested we try the macadamia toffee cookies, and told me that we were in THE BEST cafe in Taupo. (I bought a couple for later.)

She had a massive quarter round of hard cheese in front of her – I commented that she must in for some heavy-duty entertaining! She assured me that she wasn’t intending to take the whole portion – just a big chunk of it, but yes, she was catering for quite a few.

When the coffees came, I needed no further convincing about the quality of the cafe! I’m looking forward to spending more time there.

Then there’s Kaffee Eis of course – another import from Wellington. Things are looking up in Taupo.


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