New Year’s Day 2010 on Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo, New Year's Day 2010

I don’t usually need reminding of the beauty that surrounds us in New Zealand. We take it for granted.

However in Taupo over the past few days, I’ve meet several visitors from overseas and have listened to their impressions – all have been overawed by the beauty and the richness of our environment.

The fact that the weather hasn’t been as hot, as still or quite as sunny as we’d like has not even entered their thoughts.

Today is sheer heaven, we even have a slight breeze to fan us. People are out walking and cycling along the lakeside, families have spread out picnic rugs on the grass and children are frolicking in the lake. There is a relaxed air about the day.

The coffee cart by the lakefront has a long queue of people – some clad in biking lycra, some in bathers and others who have just stopped to linger.

Fruit growers from Hawkes Bay have set up stalls along the main highway selling bulbous boysenberries and blueberries, luscious strawberries and delicious stone fruit.

Summer has arrived, as has a new year.


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