A year for risk-taking

Enjoying the thrills of the Hukafalls Jet

Happy New Year. May this year bring you happiness, good health, lots of love, laughter and even more good times.

I’ve decided that 2010 (20-10) is going to be a year for risk-taking. I don’t say this lightly because I am by nature, a very risk averse person. But the day has dawned clear and sunny, there’s not a cloud in the sky, lots of people are out there striding along the lakeside and it feels like just the right time to put myself out there.

I don’t consider sitting in the Hukafalls Jet while it swoops under the Huka Falls a huge risk. All passengers are strapped in with life jackets on and are in the capable hands of a trained guide.

I don’t plan to do that.

I don’t know what the risks are yet … but when they came within my radar – bring them on!


One thought on “A year for risk-taking

  1. Jax

    You go girl! Can’t wait to seek what risks you take on!
    Happy New Year and may 2010 be everything you want it to be!


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