Simple pleasures

Satisfaction from a slight breeze and a lot of sunshine

It’s strange the satisfaction you (I) get from watching loads of washing on the line, a slight breeze fanning everything, and sunshine working it’s magic in drying and refreshing. It’s almost as good as climbing into a bed made of freshly laundered sheets that have the smell and crispness from having dried outdoors.

A very odd pleasure to be had when you consider that it’s housework – and that the loads of washing means loads of sorting, folding and ironing.

Being able to hang washing outdooors on the line, is one of the main reasons I could never consider living in an apartment. Many people have commented that now the children are adults and no longer need our roof, we should downsize and move into the city. Thankfully we still have a dog, who acts as our reason for not down-sizing. It wouldn’t be fair to relocate him to a smaller section.

There are things I love about having a bit of land around me – I love driving up the drive and parking my car near the front door, I love chatting to my neighbours on the other side of the street, I love sitting outside on the steps and sipping coffee especially when friends visit, I love the sound of the gate opening and closing, I love doing a bit of gardening now and then, I love watching and listening to the birds that visit us, I love watching them eating from the dog’s bowl, and I love the act of hanging my washing on the line and retrieving it.

Very very simple pleasures – but ones I couldn’t do without.


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