Back on the treadmill

This or a desk? It's a tough call...

I’m back at work and wondering how it is that the holidays disappeared in a flash. I was enjoying myself – lots of sunshine and holiday-type activities in a beautiful destination not so far from Wellington. I was enjoying going at my own pace, not having to awaken in the early hours of the morning, starting the day with a walk and a swim, taking photos along the way. Bliss-filled hours.

Breakfast became brunch became lunch…it really didn’t matter.

Meals were a leisurely pursuit, preferably shared with friends, over a period of hours. And everything tasted different – somehow fresher. The berries were bursting with goodness and flavour, the bread nuttier and lighter, meat more tender and even simple food was eaten with relish. I slipped so effortlessly into holiday mode.

But today, my system has had a huge jolt – a step (or a thump) back into reality. Back to work. I didn’t sleep at all last night fearing that I might not waken at the designated hour. I tossed and turned. I was hot, then I was hotter, then I opened a window and cooled down. Then I was hot again with my mind racing through the schedule for my first day back at work in 2010.

What to wear – could I wear shorts? After all, I’d been wearing them daily since December 24th, along with sandals and other comfy footwear. My poor feet – they were destined for squeezing back into city footwear. Just as they were beginning to feel normal again.

Would anyone really notice if I wore shorts? How far would I have to go in moving out of the zone. Then I remembered a comment from ‘Q’ – “what on earth is she wearing? Are they shorts?”


The night wore on, as did my worries about waking up in time – hoping of course that I just might fall asleep.

1.18am – wide awake

2.15am – wide awake and hot

3.45am – wide awake and hotter

4.03am – wide awake, hot, restless and brassed off!

5.26am – wide awake and resigned to it.

6.00am – my internal alarm goes off, and I wearily crawl out of bed. No sleep – no excitement about rejoining the workforce.

Back to the early morning routine … very lack lustre. Our regular coffee haunt was disserted – not a soul around until 8.15 when the trickle became a flood as punters found most of the other cafes closed.

Even the first city coffee for 2010 had lost it’s zing.

And just when I thought I could ease myself gently back into work for the new year – kappow!


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