Get the message?

Sensing angst

This letterbox caught my eye this afternoon, not because of it’s beauty, or it’s symmetry, or because of the house behind it – but because of the message. It made me look twice and then think about why the owner had chosen such a definitive message. One with an attitude.

I decided to look at other similar messages on letterboxes.

‘No junk mail’

‘No circulars’

‘No circulars please’

‘No advertising material please’

‘Addressed mail only’

‘Hat on Street’ – I looked around for the hat but then decided that the second ‘t’ was missing – it should have read ‘Hatton Street’.

No-one else had chosen a letterbox request that carried quite the same punch. Not even a ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’. I wonder what it says about the residents of number 59. If I was a collector or a tradesman I’d feel quite wary and would enter the gate with a degree of apprehension. Wouldn’t you?

On the other hand, it could be a joke. An attempt at humour…I can’t quite make out what the caricature underneath the diagonal line is. Perhaps I’d better go back and have a look. Will get back to you.


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