A reminder of childhood love

Is it ok again to love golliwogs?

I had a golliwog when I was a child – it was ok then to have golliwogs. I loved her dearly. It never occurred to me that it was a slight on any particular race…I loved her for what she was. A doll with a black face, hands and legs, black hair and big white eyes and a huge smile.

Then golliwogs went out of favour. No longer could we enjoy their antics in the Noddy books, and they disappeared from toy shops. The dolls with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes remained, non-offensive you understand.

Children don’t interpret things in the same way as adults. that should come as no surprise – children just accept. A doll with a black face and black hair, is a doll with a black face and black hair.

When my daughter was born, my mother made her a beautiful golliwog with a red and white striped dress. She is gorgeous.

I was so delighted to see this beautiful Golly when walking passed the window of Kirkcaldies and was really tempted to  part with $100-odd dollars and take her home with me.


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