Making emotional connections

Focus on faces

“God is in the detail”

For me, this week is a seven day total-immersion experience in photography – portrait photography to be exact – under the expert tutelage of Fleur Wickes at the Wanganui UCOL Summer School.

We have ten students in our class, ranging in age from about 22 to 60+ years old and with a range of abilities and equipment.

During the first few minutes of the class, which gathered on Sunday, Fleur passed around the first of her many hand-written information sheets. ‘Just do it’ it said, and that is just what we’ve been encouraged to do for the first 48 amazing fun and laughter-filled hours.

It is all about learning to make emotional connections with your subject and expressing that connection in your photograph. Once you’re able to do this with your subject she says, you can then free yourself to play technically and fully explore photography as an expression of yourself.

Prior to commencement of the course, we were all encouraged to sort out at least ten images of people which said something to us. A selection of those images appears in this photograph. We were then encouraged to talk about what is was that struck a chord with us, and think about why. Although I didn’t bring the photo of the trumpeter, this one really jumped out at me – for a variety of reasons, some just as a gut reaction.

Fleur is an amazing tutor – she is extraordinarily talented, engaging, witty, honest, has so much to offer and is giving it her all. This week promises to be one of my most memorable – ever!  I’m right out of my comfort zone, I’m being challenged, I’m being creative and I’m having so much fun doing so.

I love it. What’s the saying?

Oh yeah, I’m like a pig in muck!


One thought on “Making emotional connections

  1. Di Billing

    I m Acting Director of Communciations at UCOL. WE would love to talk to you about yopur experience at Summer School 2010 – and perhaps put some of your images on our web site. Could you contact me on 021 896 703?


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