Go hard or go home!

Going hard in the sculpture class

The work (if you can call it that) going on at the Wanganui UCOL Summer School is amazing.

Every step I taken in the corridors moves me past a rooms alive with artistic endeavor. And were I not is a hurry to get to my own class and make the most of every single second at summer school, you’d find me lingering in the rooms and looking over the shoulders to see the many inspired creations.

I tentatively stepped into the sculpture class today and took this quick snap with my ‘handbag’ camera. This is only one of several other works I saw in the making.

I’d so love to poke my nose in to the classroom where they’re making felt creations, as well as have a look at those involved in creating botanical drawings. There is just so much activity…and these are only in the rooms I walk past. Goodness knows how many other rooms there are.

The overwhelming impression is of happiness – people pursuing their passions, taking time out from their otherwise busy lives to focus on one specific love.

For myself, I’m being challenged in ways I never thought possible and I can’t believe how much I love it. Today for instance, we we were tasked with taking photos using a special technique, which I found incredibly difficult to get my hear around. I’d always thought that these techniques were for the ‘masters’ only – however, at the end of the day I felt I had at least begun the journey and had an idea also of how to continue it.

I know I am learning something new every minute. If it’s not about photography, it’s about myself, it’s about my fellow students, it’s about  the wonders of light and shade, it’s about life.

Each night my friend (and motel-mate) and I go over the events of the day. We talk about what we’ve learned, we look at each others photos, we comment on them and we encourage each other. We focus on the minute detail as we’ve been instructed to do. Quite a change from our working lives where we are so intent on getting through immense workloads without the luxury of time. We also enthuse about  how lucky we are to have Fleur as our tutor – she is so unbelievably amazing. A truly gifted communicator. An even more gifted photographer. Generous. Incomparable. Gorgeous. Warm hearted. Inspiring. Just awesome.

“Go hard or go home”, we’ve been told, with a laugh of course.

But it’s true – why be here if we’re not prepared to give it our all?

I feel an energy I haven’t felt for a very long time and at the same time I feel totally knackered – I’m loving it.


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