Raw material

Silk swatches awaiting transformation

I consider myself raw material.

The silk swatches are being transformed into vibrant multi-coloured felted creations by one of the art classes. Like the silk, I too have  shape, texture, colour and fibre (I don’t mean of the bran variety) and this week I’m also taking on new qualities.

I’m finding out things about myself. Things that have always been part of me but  I’ve never really looked at and asked why.

For instance, I love photographing faces. That’s part of who I am – I’m drawn to faces. I’m fascinated by them and I like to connect with people, always have done. It’s part of how I work. I like to greet people in the mornings. I prefer people to come and see me in person rather than sending an impersonal email. I like conversation, interaction. I like to connect.

All this comes to the surface, without me even realising it, in the things I choose to photograph. Just as in writing where I’m always searching for my own voice, I am now on the path to doing the same in photography.

It’s ok for me to focus on faces, not exclusively of course, but I can now acknowledge that that’s part of who I am.


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