Making the final choice

Model and final exhibit

The week has not only been about facing personal challenges and learning new techniques (for me that is), it’s also been about selecting two photographs to print and exhibit out of a daily average of around 200.

There’s nothing like putting your work out there for the class to critique, even within a group  of really sensitive and caring people. Even knowing we all have to go through it, it’s just not that easy. The process was to look at our personal selections one by one. As each person’s work went up on the board, my spirit sank further with self-doubt taking over. The agony of it all…

Why hadn’t I spent hours photoshopping my work as others had done? Am I totally blind? Can’t I see the changes needed…and why did I miss the plot in my photo shoots? Inner critic was really having a ball.

At some point Fleur, who’s obviously been through this all before said:

“I know how this process is making you feel – you probably feel that your own photos are crap and that everyone else’s are so much better, but let me tell you that it is such a pleasure to be critiquing all this fantasticness.”

Phew – a bit of relief. It’s not all about me, me, me!

But you know, when there are no comments, it’s as bad as when there are lots. Inner voice says, they think it’s so awful they can’t find anything to say. They’re embarrassed!

But I got through it.

Final choices were made with the result being a diverse collection of exceptional work, each of which could rightly stand on it’s own.

We decided to entitle our exhibition ‘Strangers no more’. After this sort of experience you could also add, friends forever!


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