Beyond the pale

Nothing wrong with these folk - not a clipper in sight

There are some things best not done in public. Don’t get me wrong – no problem with people eating their lunch in the park on a lovely sunny day.

This morning however, while sipping on coffee, the subject of disgusting things people do in public was raised. It was because one of my colleagues, while walking past Midland Park had seen a man sitting down clipping his toenails. Following on from  last week when he had chanced upon the same thing at the bus stop outside Kirkcaldies. Twice in one week.

Aaargh we all agreed – gross, totally gross.

My contribution to the conversation was to tell about the time when having heard an unusual buzzing noise in the open space office area we investigated only to find an older colleague shaving at his desk – using an electric shaver. He did not think it in bad taste – suffice to say it did not go down at all well with the women. We were not impressed.

And then the same colleague thought it highly appropriate – at this desk – to floss his teeth and then drape his string of floss over the monitor, presumably to use it later.

This same person had a number of other unpalatable personal habits best not recorded here.

There is a place for personal hygiene – at home, preferably in the bathroom. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive but since when did these examples of intimate personal grooming move into the public arena. Am I right?

So I went out on a mission with my camera at lunch break. I was intent on catching other public displays of disgusting practices. I was sure that on a gorgeous sunny day, I was bound to see some really over the top ‘sucking face’, some abhorrent indecent exposure, or even some pimple-squeezing or nose-picking.

But no – nothing! Zilch…

There was a pigeon taking a bath under the fountain (feathers on), and a wee girl playing in the water – clothes on and sodden. Nothing that would even remotely approach disgusting. Phew!


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