Sensory wonderland

Balls within balls

The Yoyoi Kusama exhibition at Wellington’s City Gallery has only two more weeks to run. I kept hearing of the long queues waiting to enter so thought that a visit during the weekday lunch hour might be my best opportunity to see it without crowds of people. My decision was right.

It really is the most amazing creation.

Kusama has an affinity with dots and net patterns.

Entire rooms are entirely covered by dots on all surfaces. Inflated and stuffed shapes cover the floors…walls and ceilings lined with mirrors give the impression of infinite depth.

Then there’s the room set up as a lake – with tiny multi-coloured lightbulbs suspended at of varying lengths from the ceiling. The mirrored walls and ceiling make you feel as if you’re in fairyland.

In the yellow room covered with black dots – stare long enough and the black begins to look purple. In the black room with yellow dots – a halo effect surrounds the dots. And the living room in darkness where everything in the room is covered in tiny flourescent dots.

Totally magical.

I read in the explanation of the work entitled “Infinity mirror room – Phallis Field – Floor show”:

“…succumbing to Kusama’s spell of overwhelming repetition…”

This room had mirrors on all surfaces and hundreds of stuffed phallis shapes (is that really how you spell it?) in white fabric with red dots, arose from the floor. The fields went on and on and on, the effect amazing especially with me standing there in my red patterned dress. I felt very much part of it.

She certainly cast her spell over me. I loved every second spent there. I just have to return for another dose of magic.


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