Summer fruit

Nikau Cafe's tantalising pears - too beautiful to eat

I love the care people take in displaying fruit. Particularly in summer when the colours of apricots, peaches, nectarines and all the various berries are so gorgeous and so varied in their intensity.

I try to place the fruit in colour groups in our beautiful blue and white fruit bowl sitting on the bench – each piece of fruit is like a mini work of art and in the warmer temperatures, they don’t last. But by the time the rest of the family have picked their way through the delights, any attempts at colour and shape grouping are gone.

Our favourite Wellington coffee stop, the Nikau Cafe in Civic Square who always take special care in their table and countertop displays. They have a commitment to use only locally-grown produce (including that from the Wairarapa) and have a preference for organic. The pears in the photograph above were on display there this week – I’m sure you’ll agree that they look incredible.

I do so love summer fruit even though we’ve seen precious little of an actual summer in Wellington. We’re reaping benefits from other parts of the country and should be thankful for that.


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