Lost and found

The errant bracelet

I can’t believe it! Seriously, I just can’t believe my luck.

Yet again, I’ve lost a precious piece of jewellery – a gift from my son – only to have it turn up again. This is not the first time.

There was the time many years, when after taking my son to rugby practice Kilbirnie, I realised I’d lost my mother’s string of pearls. I’d dropped him at the field and gone back in to town to shop for a sewing pattern. I was only in the shop a matter of minutes before heading back to my car and rugby practice.

When I realised my pearls were no longer around my neck I was devastated. There’s no other word for it. Losing possessions that I’ve bought is bad enough, but to lose something of my mother’s was upsetting beyond belief.

I did all the usual things – filed a report at the police station, retraced my steps again and again and again. Rang the store first thing in the morning and then when that was unsuccessful, placed a ‘lost’ ad in the ‘Evening Post’ even though I was convinced I’d never see them again.

Two days later I received a phone call from an elderly gent who’d noticed the necklace on the footpath by the bus stop outside Kirkcaldies. He picked them up and took them home with the thought the owner would be sure to advertise. He’d seen my notice in the newspaper. The sense of relief was immense and I was unbelievably grateful. I cried and cried.

Even though I offered a reward – he’d have none of it.

There was also the time, at the Tauherenikau Races, when I lost a gold link bracelet my partner had given me. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach the whole day, and spent most of it scouring the long grass between the car park and our picnic area to no avail.

When we finally arrived back in Karori after 9.00pm that night I suggested we have one final look at the money machine where I’d withdrawn some cash about 12 hours earlier.

There, lying on the edge of the footpath hanging over the gutter was my bracelet! I could go on….

Today, at lunchtime I noticed my silver and onyx bracelet was no longer on my wrist. I’d gone for a long lunchtime walk and was at the other end of town. Feeling sick yet again – as you do – I back-tracked following my exact route.

When I arrived back at work, I decided to have one last look in the café where I’d sat with my long black at 8.15am. As soon as I walked in, they knew the reason for my visit and placed the bracelet carefully in my hands. They’d been waiting. It had been found on the floor underneath the chair on which I’d been sitting.

Funnily enough, this morning I received one of those tiresome emails you have to read and pass on to ‘X’ number of people. If you don’t something dreadful will happen to you. This one said, you just HAD to read the poem after the preamble. So I did – phew! Maybe if I hadn’t ????

Now to pass it on….


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