AC/DC comes to town

Get a load of the beard on the left - a goatee gone bush!

The thing that’s so exciting when big events come to town is seeing the multitude of different people the event brings to our ‘public service’ city. Tonight our beloved Westpac Stadium hosts the AC/DC Black Ice Tour. (Sorry I can’t find a lightening bolt to use instead of a slash.)

The city streets are crawling with people (predominantly male when I went out) dressed in rock gear. They look different – lots of black (nothing new there), lots of tattoo’s (more than usual), a variety of AC/DC t-shirts and some very interesting, but not necessary good-interesting,  hair and beard styles.

There are also heaps of ‘cars with attitude’ cruising the block – big, throaty ones!

Hey – but everyone’s smiling. All are looking forward to good times tonight.

I’ve been out and bought my earplugs. Oh yes, I’m not one to miss out on all this fun. But I did learn from my past experience at ‘Rock2Wellington’ that filtering out a bit of the volume could help me in the days following the concert… I do have to work.

Next week is the annual two-day international Rugby Seven’s tournament at the Stadium. The streets will be literally awash with punters dressed in all manner of gear – from Borat to ballerinas to beer barrels. This is just a warm-up to it.

I suggest that if you want to read a concert review tomorrow, you should check out  the When in Rome bro site. No doubt they’ll have a lot to say …


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