Summer in Wellington

Taking the plunge

At last – we can finally say we’ve had our first real day of summer. Twenty-seven degrees Celsius! What bliss…

After such a very long wait where we’ve had to to endure nightly weather reports listing most other NZ cities basking in glorious summer temperatures. And knowing we haven’t had a weekend of good weather since November…today has been so ridiculously exciting.

I should have know it would be today. The very day scheduled of our annual Orpheus Choir workshop – indoors! We are in rehearsal  for our part in the performance in Mahler’s 8th Symphony at the NZ International Festival of the Arts in late Feb, so I can’t complain.

We have a workshop day in January every year – it’s always on a stunning day and it’s always out at Wellesley College in Eastbourne. The day is always one very well spent, but it was hard seeing everyone enjoying the sun and the sea. In my typical early morning rush, I did not have the presence of mind to take my bathers along with me. We finished at 3pm and it was still amazingly hot with the beach more crowded than it had been at midday. A swim would have been so welcome.

Thank you weather gods – keep it up.


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