Simple thoughts

Beauty at our feet

Sometimes I struggle with what I’m going to write about, especially when I have a photo that I really love and want to share and whatever thought it evokes.

I thought I was going to write about the weather, with the punchline being something along the lines of preferring water at my feet not over my head, except for in the shower of course! Today has been such a let down hasn’t it, fellow Wellingtonians?

But then I thought about why the image of running water appeals to me and why I had to try to capture it’s movement.

I’ve always loved clear clean lines and reflections. I remember when I saw my first Grahame Sydney painting and how captivated I was by it. I’ve always felt drawn toward his work – for me, his paintings are everything. They give the appearance of being photographic but are not. His lines are distinct, colours are clear and precise and his subjects ooze New Zealand.

I was incredibly privileged 28 years ago to work on a documentary that was being made about his work and his life. At the time he lived in Cromwell, Central Otago. I’d never been there before. It was November and it was breathtaking … golden rolling hills in every direction, as far as your eye could see. I was was three months pregnant at the time and wore  ghastly (I didn’t think so at the time of course) bright purple thick corduroy dungarees and a jade top.

What a absolute blot on the landscape…the man must have thought I was mad. The effect would have been jarring at the very least.

Anyway, he was very lovely, very humble, intensely private but seemed genuinely interested in my pregnant state. Perhaps because of my young age and my name being the same as his wife (at the time). The visit has left a huge impression, even after all these years.

So it was when I walked over to the stream at Eastbourne Beach yesterday. Clear running water, with the reflection of sun on the stones and the beautiful shapes lying at my feet. Pure and simple.


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