Parade for the Rugby World Sevens, Wellington

Welcoming Argentina

Fun, laughter, music, dancing and sunshine overtook the streets of central Wellington today to herald the beginning of the New Zealand leg of the World Rugby Sevens competition.

It’s all happening at the Westpac Stadium.

We’re all set for a weekend of great weather and an entertaining parade of costumes and the odd unseemly bit of behaviour. It’s all in good humour …

Speaking to one of my dutch colleagues after the parade he just doesn’t get the dressing up. Apparently they don’t do it at all in northern Holland and can’t understand why (particularly men) are so keen to don costumes here.

New Air New Zealand uniform on show? A few might hope so.

I was pleased to see that the models pictured here at least had their underwear on. Not much else mind you! I bet they were pleased it was a hot day.

I don't have a problem with the Aussi team - do you?

Smiles and happiness everywhere … long may it last.


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